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WTF is up with the TIFF???

i was excitedly checking the toronto international film festival website for the list of this year's midnight madness screenings. and i found out that DAINIPPONJIN is going to be screened... directed by comedy LEGEND Hitoshi Matsumoto (!!! the guy is sooo fucking hilarious).

so here's when i started to get pissed off at all things tiff-related.

i went to the box office section of the site cos i wanted to buy tickets for the screening before it's sold out. but the fucking website won't let me!! basically it looks like you HAVE to buy a PASS which costs a zillion dollars. you aren't allowed to purchase single tickets. WTF kinda messed up shit is that? goddamn... i miss going to the vancouver film fest... at least you could buy single tickets and they were super cheap too. even if you wanted to buy a pass for the whole festival it would only cost $200 at most.

stupid toronto.

so i guess i'm gonna have to chance it and line up in the rush tickets lineup the night of the film.

grrrr... so mad. =(

is anyone else going to the festival this year?

Touchez-pas That Dial

um, i guess it's because i live in a jewish area and it's hanukkah, but theres this really annoying car that drives by my apartment AT LEAST 2 times a day BLARING jewish folk music! is this part of a hanukkah tradition i'm not familiar with? driving up and down bathurst street blasting music from their honda civics? *confused*

in other news... i'm going to vancouver jan 9th till the 19th. can't. fucking. wait!

hope ya'll have a great christmas and lots of tofurkey!

a scanner darkly.

i watched 'a scanner darkly' last night. it's based on phillip k. dick's novel of the same name.
i don't really feel like writing a 'review' on the film, but everyone should rent/buy/steal it.
it was reallly good. waking life was good, but this is 10 times better.
also, considering the fact i don't really like anything i've seen in the last 5 years, you should trust me on this!

keanu and winona (hell, even robert downey jr!) are tres hot in it. since when did winona get such big boobies? me likes.


i still havent booked my flight to vancouver yet. i guess i should get on that soon eh? it's hard because i REFUSE to pay more than $500 return for a flight in early january. maybe ill hitchhike there?

also... after not being impressed the first few listens, i'm really loving thom yorke's cd.

thats it, thats all.

this is some messed up shit.

This is Mimi, the first cat to give birth to puppies, her owner claims.
Brazilian Cassia Aparecida de Souza, 18, says three of the cat’s six offspring, which were born three months after Mimi mated with a neighbour’s dog, have canine traits.

Nov. 1st, 2006

check out my new upload on youtube! just some random shots from my digital camera from last week. i really need to figure out how to record a vblog and have the audio sync up...writing journal entries is so passe...


this guy is hilarious!!

in other news... i have been working every day since.... i don't even remember. tomorrow is my first day off in a long time. yay!

in sadder news... im paying my cell phone today. it's $698.00. i have no idea how that happened exactly, but i DO know that sabrina + cell phone bills = not so much.

Oct. 22nd, 2006

um matthew good just sent me a message on myspace.
i used to go over the granville bridge almost everyday. aw i miss vancouver!! =( t-minus 2 months to go...

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